Following the basic policy of “Establishment of a Friendly Environment for People and Our Planet,” stated in our CSR Charter / Code of Conduct, we are promoting various activities aimed at achieving the objectives set forth in Sustainable Value 2023 to reduce our global environmental impact through our business activities and contribute to the creation and sustainable development of a decarbonized and sound material-cycle society in harmony with nature.
We comprehensively manage environmental risks and opportunities, such as climate change, stricter environmental regulations around the world, and growing needs for products with low environmental impacts. Our specific efforts toward this include certification and management under ISO 14001 for the environment and ISO 50001 for energy. Specifically, the Group EHS Committee and its subcommittees share environmental issues and problems and make continuous improvements to resolve them, while the CSR Committee reviews progress. The Group Risk Management Committee manages risks, including environmental risks, to move ahead with the initiatives across the Group.

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