Generating New Social Value as a "Solution Creator" that Working to Address Social Issues through Business

Providing an advanced society with enhanced new value

(Left) Eiji Kakiuchi
Chairman, Member of the Board
(Right) Toshio Hiroe
President, Member of the Board, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

In recent years, there has been growing concern over the significant impact worldwide climate change and environmental degradation are likely to have on future generations. Fortunately, the threat has triggered an active and ongoing movement to build a more sustainable society on a global level. Similarly, the unprecedented effects we are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic have suddenly accelerated the ongoing digital transformation (DX) taking place around the world. As the rollout of 5G (fifth generation mobile communication system) continues, use of AI and big data has become widespread and both our lifestyles and the business environment are about to undergo radical changes.
The SCREEN Group believes this period of remarkable technological innovation offers the potential to resolve a wide range of issues facing our world. We have made it our primary mission to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society as a “solution creator”. This involves providing new value in the form of technologies, products and services to support the electronics and IT industries as they play a core role in delivering the advanced social infrastructure expected in the near future.

  Innovation for a Sustainable World
‒ Connecting People and Technology for a Better Future ‒

The SCREEN Group has made it our purpose as a corporation to create “Innovation for a Sustainable World.” This embodies the beliefs we have held since our founding, namely the desire to contribute to the development of society through the realization of future-oriented technological innovation and, based on these efforts, to experience our own personal growth as individuals. We also see the implementation of these concepts as a way to fulfill our Group’s corporate social responsibility. Under the CSR Charter we have established, each one of us, both management and employee, practices responsible behavior as a good corporate citizen.
Our Group has linked our business activities to the resolution of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and we also promote sustainable management in an effort to improve social value. In connection with this, we have established “Sustainable Value 2030”, a long-term ESG guide with 2030 as its goal, and to help achieve the guide’s targets also formulated “Sustainable Value 2023”, a medium-term plan intended to clarify what we should be doing on a daily basis. This plan is also linked to high priority issues included in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), enabling us to proactively target ESG concerns.
In Sustainable Value 2030, we have identified specific issues related to each of the environmental, social and governance fields. In relation to the environment, we are pursuing a form of environmental management designed to supply products and services that help to reduce our ecological footprint. More specifically, we are working to improve the environmental performance of our products, mitigate the impact of our business activities on climate change, increase the effectiveness of our water usage, promote the recycling of our products and parts, and preserve biodiversity, among other initiatives. Similarly, in relation to society, we are working to strengthen our human resources through the reform of work practices and priority investment in younger employees, create safe and healthy workplaces that also include our supply chain, and develop systems to both maintain and improve these efforts. In addition, we are committed to effectively eliminating conflict minerals, preventing corruption and eradicating child labor from our entire value chain as well as promoting the development of local industry and culture through industry, academia and government collaborations, supporting academic institutions, and encouraging the development of young people who will lead society in the future. Finally, in the area of corporate governance, we are engaged in the implementation of a wide range of management systems that conform to international standards and are also constructing effective business continuity planning and risk management systems.

In short, we have developed an ideal image of how we envision society in the future as well as the optimal version of our own corporate Group, and are now working as a unified force to create the value that will enable us to realize these concepts. As always, we remain fully committed to satisfying the expectations and trust of our many stakeholders and will continue working to create a sustainable society.