By striving to improve corporate governance in pursuit of enhanced transparency, soundness, and efficiency in business management, the SCREEN Group aims to ensure that shareholders and all other stakeholders benefit in line with its Corporate Philosophy.

The Group recognizes that effective corporate governance is essential to the achievement of this goal, thus it has strengthened its capabilities to govern through the establishment of its “Management Grand Design,”  which is SCREEN’s vision and guideline for SCREEN Value enhancement; “SCREEN Group CSR Charter,” which describes the principles of action for all executives and employees of the Group; and “SCREEN Group Code of Management,” which regulates the controlling policies and systems of Group companies as well as other regulations with which all executives and employees should comply.

In addition, the SCREEN Group is committed to maintaining fair, transparent, timely, and appropriate disclosure practices in accordance with “Appropriate Disclosure of Company Information” stipulated by the ‘SCREEN Group CSR Charter,” as well as in compliance with laws and regulations. (Please see the Disclosure Policy.)

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