Resolving Emerging Social Issues with “Shi Kou Ten Kai”




Toshio Hiroe
Member of the Board
Chief Executive Officer

The SCREEN Group traces its history back over 150 years to Ishida Kyokuzan Printing Works, a lithographic printing shop founded in Kyoto in 1868. In 1934, we succeeded in producing Japan’s first photographic glass screens, eventually leading to its R&D division being spun off as an independent venture company in 1943 to become Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.

After many decades of growth, in 2014, we transformed Dainippon Screen into SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. and restructured our now extensive Group. We remain closely linked to our past, with our corporate name actually originating from those first glass screens produced by Ishida Kyokuzan Printing Works.

Since our founding, we have continued to develop various related businesses in the printing industry while also significantly expanding the scope of our operations to include semiconductors, displays and other areas in the electronics field. Even in the current era of rapid digital transformation (DX) based on increasing use of artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, we have been able to maintain a strong presence as a leading global manufacturer of cutting-edge production equipment.

Throughout our long history, we have sought to continuously refine technologies in three core areas: surface processing, direct imaging and image processing. These technologies are our foundation and we are now using them in our role as a solution creator to help solve many of the challenges being faced by modern society.

In addition, SCREEN is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and we are likewise fully committed to the organization’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our Group is also a participant in Science Based Targets (SBT), a key international environmental initiative. These are just some of our undertakings as we increasingly focus on ESG* criteria in an effort to become a more sustainable corporation.

As we have been working to realize our corporate philosophy, it has become clear to us that their concepts overlap significantly with the SDGs. As a result, we have selected eight high-priority issues from the original 17 goals and are targeting them in a continuing effort to resolve the most pressing challenges facing global society.

In the more than 150 years since our founding, SCREEN has experienced incredible growth and diversification. Going forward, we plan to continue working as a unified force to further deepen this proud history and constantly improve our corporate value.

*Environment, Social and Governance
E: Reduce environmental impact through business activities
S: Create a fulfilling workplace and become active in resolving social issues
G: Strengthen risk management and business continuity planning