Moving forward, with an eye on our 10-year vision

Toshio Hiroe
Member of the Board
Chief Executive Officer

I would like to extend my warmest greetings to our stakeholders and all others interested in our progress.

Thanks to your support, in the past fiscal year ended March 31, 2024, our company achieved record highs for the third consecutive year in terms of net sales, operating income, ordinary income, and net income. This was accomplished despite a fall in demand for consumer electronics associated with the remote working boom, and the rise of generative AI is expected to boost semiconductor demand once again. Moreover, total annual dividend has landed at ¥447 per share on a pre-split basis, another record high. In November last year, the Group’s market capitalization surpassed ¥1 trillion for the first time. We have entered a new stage as a company.

All the quantitative targets outlined in the previous medium-term management plan, Value Up 2023, were achieved. This year, we have kicked off our new medium-term management plan, Value Up Further 2026, and we will be tackling a range of new challenges that have surfaced in the past four years. In alignment with our corporate purpose, Innovation for a Sustainable World, we strive to become a globally recognized solution creator. We will invest proactively for growth, aiming to achieve record-high results once again, for the fourth consecutive year.

We appreciate your continued support to us.